All photography provided by RedPanda Expeditions or their affiliates. 

Come tour the apple orchards and kiwi vines. Eat in the Hyolmo peoples' homes. Drink tea, lots of tea, and make friends with the people of this beautiful place. This is one of the most genuine cultural experiences you can have in Nepal, and maybe in the world. Helambu valley is not visited often by foreigners and still has many of the ancient customs and cultural practices.- This trek is best suited for groups of 1-5

This area was heavily impacted by the earthquake in April 2015. The village of Tarkygang was completely leveled at that time. The people of Tarkygang will start to rebuild in March of 2018.  We will be helping with the rebuilding also during this time. The people that live in Helambu valley are an Ethnic Tibetan people called Hyolmo Sherpa. They share culture and language similar to that of the neighboring Kyirong people and are many times related to the Tamang through mariage. 

best seasons for this trek: Spring/fall

ITINERARY/Price estimate 

Premiere All Inclusive Package* ($1050.00US)

Classic All Inclusive Package* ($800.00US)

Day 1- Pick up from KTM airport* (Premiere and Classic Packages)

Day 2- Orientation and shopping in Thamel for final supplies* (Premiere and Classic Packages) and tour Swambu area* (Premiere Package)

Day 3- Kathmandu to Timbu by bus 5-6 hours

Day 4- Timbu to Upper Gyangul (2770m/ 9090ft) 4-5 hours

Day 5- Upper Gyangul cultural visits

Day 6- Trek to Tharkegyang (2600m/ 8530ft)

Day 7- Trek to Ama Yangri (3730m/ 12238ft) and return to Upper Gyangul

Day 8- Trek to Timbu (1580m/ 5185ft) 3-4 hours

Day 9- Timbu to Kathmandu by bus 5-6 hours

Day 10- Tour Boudhanath Stupa and Pashupati World heritage Sites* (Premiere Package)



Necessary Gear

Personal Gear

  • Passport

  • 3 photocopies of Passport

  • 35-45 Liter duffel bag

  • Sleeping bag (light weight)

  • Rain jacket

  • Tennishoe/boot for trekking

  • Bio degradable soap

  • Backpacking towel

  • Slipper or sandal

  • Headlamp and 2 sets of extra batteries

  • 1 liter water bottle (X2)

  • 2-4 Pants, synthetic (nylon etc)

  • 1-2 Shorts

  • 2-4 trekking or dry weave t-shirts

  • Light jacket

  • Fleece

  • Down Jacket

  • 1 Synthetic under shirt and pant

  • 4-7 wool socks (trekking weight)

  • Backpack 30 Liters

  • Sunglasses

  • Bandana

  • Camera

  • Sunscreen

  • Snacks

  • Extra money for trinkets and shopping