Langtang Relief Trek May 2016

In April 2015 Nepal suffered two massive earthquakes. More than 8,000 people died and many of the areas within 200km of the epicenter were devastated. One of the most notable places impacted by the earthquake was Langtang Valley and specifically Langtang village. This village was buried under 30 meters of ice and rock from a glacier that broke loose during the shaking. every person in the village died. In November of 2015 we did a short trek to see how much the area had been affected. After that trek we discovered that many people from Langtang wanted to rebuild their families' homes and move back into the valley. In May of 2016 we returned to this area to help rebuild. The trek was 8 days long. We completely uncovered 3 families' foundations during that time. A little work from us made a big impact for these three families. We will be returning to this area in March 2017 to help with the rebuilding process.